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Dialogic heeft een korte case study uitgevoerd voor Zandleven en Corus IJmuiden. DeĀ eerste studie betreft het gebruik van online bestelsysteem voor chemische producten, rubber en kunststof. Het onderwerp van de tweede studie is de online communicatie met klanten binnen de industrie voor chemische producten, rubber en kunststof.


Dialogic conducted a brief case study of the Zandleven company. The study revolved around the use of web-based ordering in the chemicals, rubber and plastics industry.

As a producer of coatings for the Dutch national market, Zandleven is known for its flexibility and ability to deliver on demand. The order management is merely supported by traditional channels such phone and fax. Since 2002, customers can place orders
through the Zandleven website. The customers´ web-input is transferred by e-mail to the internal planning system. Until 2007, however, this ´loosely-coupled´ web-order application has only been used as an additional order channel. Both the customers and
planners at Zandleven prefer phone and physical contact as the way to do business. The usage of an online sales channel at Zandleven is a good example of how ebusiness will only function as an additional tool if an industry has built strong traditions of local, flexible and ad-hoc supply chain processes.

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    1 mei 2008
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