Sophia Stone

(Junior onderzoeker / adviseur)
  • Thema's
  • Education and labour market
  • Artificial intelligence

I have been working at Dialogic as a junior researcher and consultant since 2023. My academic background is in the social and political sciences, where I received my master’s degrees in Sociology (cum laude) and Conflict Resolution and Governance from the University of Amsterdam. During my studies, I gained extensive experience in analyzing diverse topics, focusing mainly on conflict, public policy and social issues. As a result, I also learned to apply various qualitative research methods. My areas of interest are broad, but I am particularly interested in understanding how our choices, policies and actions affect people and society as a whole.

I have gained work experience in various public and private organizations. For example, I completed a traineeship at the research service of the European Parliament in Brussels, where I collaborated on a digitization project and wrote publications that were published on the research service’s website. I have also worked for the University of Amsterdam and NewMotion, and completed an internship at Waternet.

In my free time I can be found at the gym, training Taekwondo, or learning Spanish.

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