Melvin Hanswijk

(Onderzoeker / adviseur)
  • Thema's
  • (Policy) evaluation
  • Media
  • Finance

I’ve got a background in economics and law and I do policy research in several domains. Thanks to my broad experience in different domains, I am able to approach problems from different angles, make connections quickly and identify and be mindful of the relevant stakes. I enjoy doing a deep dive into a new topic and analyze it thoroughly, to then be able to explain it clearly either in text or in figures.

A lot of the projects I am involved with are policy evaluations aimed at determining whether a certain governmental intervention has been (or is likely to be) effective and efficient. This often involves reconstructing a policy theory or a theory of change. I do this type of research for a broad range of topics, varying from fiscal policy to cybersecurity- and cultural policy, for ministries, municipalities and other organizations. In recent years I’ve especially done a lot of assignments in the media domain.

Before I started at Dialogic, I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Economics & Business Economics and a bachelor’s in Law, followed by a master’s in Behavioural Economics (cum laude) and a master’s in Private Law.

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