Jessica Kats

(Senior onderzoeker / adviseur)
  • Thema's
  • Safety & crime
  • Science & innovation policy

My interests lie in the areas of safety and crime, and science and innovation policy. Major clients are the WODC, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Flemish government.

I immerse myself quickly in new topics, taking on a variety of tasks: from preparing quantitative analyses to conducting interviews and organizing workshops. In my reports, I strive to provide practical guidelines.

I joined Dialogic in early 2014, having worked at NWO (Netherlands Institute for Scientific Research) on funding rounds. I gained my master’s degree cum laude in Psychology: Conflict, Risk & Safety at the University of Twente. In addition, I completed an honours program, worked for Bèta Steunpunt Oost and interviewed (ex)litigants for NSCR (Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement).

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