Femke van Wijk

(Onderzoeker / adviseur)
  • Thema's
  • Science and innovation policy
  • Energy transition
  • Care

After I did my graduation research at Dialogic from December 2019 to July 2020, I have been working here as a junior researcher / consultant since September 2020. My graduation research focused on the role that experimental natural gas-free districts have in achieving a natural gas-free built environment, and with the completion of this research I completed my master’s in Innovation Sciences at Utrecht University. In addition to my studies, I followed an interdisciplinary honors program to also get to know other research areas. I find it interesting to see how insights that result from research can be translated into practical contributions to society, and I enjoy researching this at Dialogic. I am particularly interested in the fields of Science and Innovation Policy, Energy Transition and Care.

In addition to my work at Dialogic, I enjoy playing sports, playing the flute and spending time with friends and family. I also like to work for people in Moldova; together with friends I run the Let’s Bee Sweet foundation, which tries to support the people in Moldova in their livelihood by selling their honey.

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