Society and the economy are digitizing at a rapid pace. The Internet of Things, virtualization and machine learning are causing major changes in the way that we deal with information and the way in which we communicate with each other. New technologies are having a major impact on business processes and business models. Finally, the information society brings with it all kinds of new policy challenges, for example with regard to privacy and security.

  • Technology foresight
    The continuous development and introduction of new digital technology leads to new opportunities and impacts our society and economy. Dialogic helps policy makers with their questions about digital technologies with future visions and foresights.
  • Data science and AI
    Dialogic advises governments and companies on strategic information provision and the strategic use of data. We have an extensive collection of machine learning and AI algorithms to tackle complex issues. This enables us to deploy state-of-the-art techniques, such as text classification and text mining, in our research and consultancy projects.
  • Digitization strategies
    Dialogic helps municipalities and regional collaborations to translate the opportunities of digital technology and data into digitization strategies and visions for Smart Cities, starting from social tasks, public tasks or the economic business climate.
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