Digital connectivity

Fixed line and mobile telecom networks are the backbone of all digital services and applications. The availability and quality of Dutch networks is very high. The ownership and management of these networks is primarily in the hands of private parties, but the government has an important role in regulating, stimulating and monitoring this important market. Dialogic supports governments at national, regional and local levels in shaping and implementing their telecom policies.

  • Mapping and capacity of digital infrastructure
    On a regular basis, we map the location and capacity of the Dutch digital infrastructure. We can also, based on the Antenna Register, model the capacity of, and demand for mobile networks. This provides us with a picture of current and future bottlenecks in the networks.
  • Technology foresight
    In order to continue to meet demand, network owners and technology providers must continuously invest in innovation and network upgrades. We help parties such as the Telecom Agency, ACM and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate with their questions on opportunities and developments in telecom technology.
  • Local and regional antenna and fiber policy
    Local and regional governments have an important role to play in the rollout and maintenance of fixed-line and mobile networks. They make the rules of the game surrounding the integration of networks and the safeguarding of public interests, both above and below the ground. Dialogic assists municipalities, for example, in drawing up Antenna Policy or in coordinating the stormy rollout of new fiber optic networks.
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