With over 1.4 million employees, the healthcare sector is one of the largest sectors in the Netherlands. The need for care (and therefore healthcare professionals) is expected to continue to grow in the coming years due to the aging population present in the Netherlands. In addition to training a sufficient amount of healthcare professionals, healthcare innovations are of great importance to ensure high-quality and affordable care in the future.

Within the healthcare domain, Dialogic works closely with the Regional Support Structure (ROS) in the regions by advising on and guiding their first steps and involving parties in realizing coherent, sensible and economical healthcare in neighborhoods. Below are a number of examples of what this looks like in practice:

  • D3 District Scan
    On behalf of D3, the knowledge center that supports all organizations in the ROS network with information management, Dialogic has developed the D3 District Scan. This dashboard displays information at municipality, district and neighborhood level based on a large number of healthcare datasets (from CBS, Vektis, RIVM, GGD, et cetera). This enables the information managers of the ROS network to do quantitative analyses on developments within and between regions. The figure below shows examples of different indicators in healthcare that can be broken down into different regions using the D3 District Scan.
  • GezondVeluwe dashboard
    The goal of the GezondVeluwe program is to organize and to sustainably support healthcare for 150,000 residents in the Northwest Veluwe and Zeewolde region, in cooperation with residents, healthcare and welfare providers, municipalities and health insurers. To support this ambition, Dialogic is tracking the health status of citizens and target populations in Northwest Veluwe and Zeewolde. This is made transparent in the interactive GezondVeluwe dashboard, in which various public healthcare sources are integrated.
  • Information management dashboard
    This website contains information from several ROSs on the application of information management in healthcare projects. The information focuses on implemented and ongoing projects. In addition, identified opportunities for research in the different research phases are elaborated on. Each phase indicates the tools available for that phase. The image below provides a visual representation of the dashboard setup in Dutch.
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