Labour market

Like education, a well-functioning labor market is also an important prerequisite for the social and economic development of our society. Especially given the changes taking place in the labor market in recent years, not least due to the influence of digitalization and technology. Dialogic helps clients in various ways to gain more insight and grip on the labor market.

  • Education-labor market monitors
    Dialogic has developed various education-labor market monitors in recent years. These monitors, which take the form of dashboards, provide insight into the connection between education and the labor market at sectoral level. They also provide insight into the inflow and outflow in education and the current state of affairs on the labor market with regard to demand (vacancies) and how many people are currently employed. For concrete examples, please consult the education-labor market monitor on ICT professionals ( and on the chemical sector (
  • Effects of digitalization on the labor market
    Digitization and technologization in general would have a major impact on the future labor market. According to various predictions, jobs will disappear and also change as a result. Dialogic is able to use both quantitative and more qualitative research methods to map the relevant changes on the labor market. For instance, we have developed a tool that allows us to (almost) automatically map skills in vacancy ads and we previously developed a Function Impact Analysis tool.
  • Lifelong development and sustainable employability
    In order to keep up with the labor market, it is important that people continue to develop throughout their lives. Dialogic can also provide support through qualitative research (e.g. research into the need for short-term training in companies) and quantitative research (e.g. monitor to map sustainable employability in a sector).
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